Since 1994, we have led the effort to keep the families of West Michigan Safe.



Our Story:

In A small town
Great things were brewing
Scott Wilder thinking
A dream pursuing.

He walked the road
Much less traveled.
Blazing a path that he unraveled.

His family behind him
All of the way
Working together
With kind things to say.

Over 20 years later
Smiling home buyer's we've seen
963 to be exact in 2015

So many more to come
Through all the years
To serve our community
Through smiling careers.

Thanks for your service. I also wanted to say how great we thought our inspector was. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who would need an inspection.
— Andy and Kristen

What We've Achieved

  • Over 20 years of Excellence 
  • ASHI certified
  • Trusted by over 15,000 families
  • Saved thousands of home buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Inspected over 18,000 Homes
  • We've saved Lives.
  • Scott has climbed mountains
  • Dan went to Kansas once.
Make Memories With Us. | Ace Inspections |  Schedule Now

Make Memories With Us. | Ace Inspections | Schedule Now