The ones who make it happen.

When you buy a new home, and you want to know the true condition of the house, hire the Ace-Team. 

Scott, Master Inspector and Founder

His attention to detail and the positive way he communicates his findings has put him in the top 6% of home inspectors in the nation for the number of inspections he performs each year.


Before inspecting homes, Scott has remodeled many homes, installed flooring, tile, and carpet, as well as numerous other repairs and building. (you name it)  Scott is a licensed builder and has been a certified member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) for over 15 years. 


Dawn, supposed to be retired.

(Sarcastic laughter in the background)

Dawn is working her way to Hawaii or New Zealand one inspection at a time.  

She's the Miracle worker behind the scenes. She has stunning catlike agility when you try to sneak a piece of lasagna.

Dan, Inspector Extraordinaire


Dan has been in the building trades for 20+ years.  He has extensive knowledge of buildings from his experience, and is a licensed builder and member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  

He has worked with Ace Inspections for a number of years and has been requested by many of our clients due to the good experience his past clients have had. He is our super star in a totally not weird way.

Nate, Company Manager


One minute he's coaching a team mate, the next he's speaking at a conference, again he's interviewing potential inspectors to see if they have the moxie to be one of the elite, Ace Inspectors. 

Katelyn, Cookie Specialist.

Tray's flipping every which way, she brings art and mastery of hibachi grilling to the world of baked goods. Cookies so good they release a single tear from your eye's, cookies, just like mom used to make.

Robert, Administrative Assistant

It's rumored that Robert has studied with Tibetan monks to learn the ancient art of office work . He answers the phones one second, then the next, he is sending out a radon report. Who is he?

All we know is: He's an office vigilante who comes in everyday to serve inspection report justice. 


Matt Curran, Ace Inspector

Kianah Curran, Radon Specialist

Crawling through the muck to discover what he suspects to be the problem. Climbing roofs only a madman would climb. Trained by master's of the trade, and with years of inspecting he still loves the smile on a buyers face when they just know this is the one.

Radon trembles in her wake. Protector of the lungs, herald of danger. Legend says she's able to tame rabid dogs with just a look. Kianah Curran, mother, enemy of lung cancer, of radon.

Drew Discher, Ace Inspector

As a referee he makes calls on the field and on homes. Leaky roof, flag on the play.  One moment he's testing a furnace others claim impossible to open, the next, he's fitting through the smallest of holes to see just what he can find. It's rumored he can smell termites from 100 yards. Trained by master's of the trade, he loves a job well done, and helping families make their dreams happen.

Tarra Scott, Radon specialist

When there's a house others dare not enter, when there's a job too hard for the weak of heart, we send Tarra 'The Ghost' Scott. It's rumored she's an X spy for hire who switched to a life of helping families keep safe for the dangers of radon. When you require a preemptive surgical strike at the heart of lung cancer, we send 'The Ghost'.