Why You're Gonna Love Your Ace Inspection

With your Inspection Comes over $499 in these FREE services. Just for you. With no hassle.

1. Your free 90 day warranty

This warranty covers most major components of the house and major appliances. All it is, is another reason Ace is the 1st choice for most home buyer's.

2. Your Free 5 Year Platinum Roof Protection Plan 

This warranty covers roof leaks on your home for 5 years after your home inspection! Click on the button bellow to see terms and conditions

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Welcoming You to the Neighborhood with:

3. The Home Owner's Network

With over 140 years of combined Experience at your Fingertips. With an Ace Inspection, you're a part of the Home Owner's Network, just download the free app to ask any question you wish about your home, and they'll text or email you the answer in a jiffy!  

Fun Fact: 

That much experience, if we dated it back all together, would reach to the American Civil War! Wow!

And, if you added our inspectors experience it would date back to only 50 years after the United States of America become an independent country! That's experience!

And Keeping your Family safe with:

4. Free Recall Notifications

With your inspection, you'll get free recall notifications for your houses appliances with Recallchek. Our inspector will put your furnace and water heater in for you! For free! 


When you move into your new home, you will be able to enter in the rest of your appliance information to keep your family safe and save you money.

After you have an account with Recallchek you'll want to log in and Add Appliances.


5. Lifetime Home Consulting

Give us a call! Do you have a question about your home? A question about how to do anything with your home ask us! Our inspectors have almost half a century of experience! It's quite likely they can help. 

6. Your 14 Month free Revisit

Once you own the home we've inspected we'll come back and look at something for free!