Your Full Home Inspection


We check all the outlets, and open up the electrical panel and make sure everything's in order. 


We run diagnostics on the furnace and make sure there are no dangerous Carbon Monoxide leaks. 


  • We operate it top to bottom, we check the bathrooms carefully and inspect the pipes in the basement.


  • We visually check all accessible areas for structural issues. The attic and basement can give a lot of information about your home's past, present and future.

Roof and Attic

  • We like to get on the roof if possible and check the chimney, shingles, valleys, ventilation, and much much more.  (Note: in the winter with large amounts of snow we will come back for free!)

Free Visual Termite Inspection 

  • The inspector goes through and scans the house carefully for termites. Both past and present.


And that's just the start! There's just too much to list!

How Long An Inspection Takes

The average inspection takes around 3 hours to complete. And for large houses, we spend up to 6 or 7 hours. 

Don't worry - you can stay for only an hour if you want, and the inspector will let you know everything you need to know, but we'd love to have you for the whole time!

Do I have to be There, at the Inspection?

No, but we want you to be! Get the most out of your inspection! The inspector is there as a consult on the house, ask him questions, get a full picture of what it will take to own your home. We want you to be comfortable, feel safe in your home, and know what to expect in the future.


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