What is it? What makes it so dangerous?

How Radon Testing Works:

The inspector will drop off a radon monitor in the house, and set it to start taking carefully calibrated readings of the air. It must be there for a minimum of 48 hours. 

Then the Inspector picks up the radon monitor, takes the average reading, and then the Ace Team sends you a report the next day!

Termite Inspections

We offer 3 basic HUD/VA Report Termite Inspections that you can get along with your Full Inspection. 

The Standard Termite       Inspection

Visual Termite Inspection

Approved HUD/VA Report

The 1 Year Guaranteed Inspection

Visual Termite Inspection

Approved HUD/VA Report

A 1 Year Guarantee

The Life-Time Guaranteed Inspection

Visual Termite Inspection

Approved HUD/VA Report

A Life-Time Guarentee

Visual Termite Inspection:  

The inspector will look at all accessible areas for evidence of a past or present termite infestation. 

The inspector will also look for signs of Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles and other wood destroying insects. Insect tunnels and insect bodies may show evidence of past or present infestation. 

Approved HUD/ VA Report:  

Veteran Association loans (VA Loans) require termite inspections to be done to a certain standard, HUD also requires these standards.  The Ace termite inspection provides pest inspections reports that meet and go above and beyond these standards.

1 Year Guarantee:

If there is an infestation in the 1st year after the date of the home inspection we will treat it with no additional charge (Termites or Powder Post Beetles)

Life-Time Guarantee:

If you find termites in your home 1 year after this inspection we'll come treat it for no charge! After the first year we have a small $200 deductible. (Sorry but it has to be this way, we've tried) Doing it will easily save you upwards of $800. Well worth it.

Environmental Tests


Mold Test: 

We take samples to see if mold conditions exist in the home.  If there is visible mold, we take a tape sample.  If there isn't, we can just take an air samples.  Two samples are required for the air sample – one inside the home, and one outside for comparison.  The laboratory then tests the samples to see if repairs – also called remediation – is needed.

1-3 samples, Air or swab:

If no or little mold is visual it is necessary to take 2 air samples.  The 2 readings give an accurate result. It will show if the mold sample in the home is out of ordinary.  If there is visible Mold the inspector will need to take a tape sample of it to determine the type of mold and weather it is seriously harmful or merely a potential allergen.

Certified micro biologist evaluation:

We bring all of the mold samples to a certified micro biology lab to analyze the samples and provide a comprehensive report of their findings.

Full certified Lab Report:

The lab compiles a comprehensive report of their findings of what type of mold was present and if remediation is necessary.


The inspector will communicate the labs findings and recommendations for repair and remediation with you! No Charge! Give us a Call if you have any questions!

Lead Paint

Lead Paint Inspections:

Homes built before 1978 (when laws against having lead in paint began) carry a risk of having lead paint, which can be dangerous to the health and safety of children.  We take samples (4 to 7)  of window sills and floors and send it to an out-of-state certified lab.  It normally takes about 5 days after gathering the samples to get results back.  Laboratories need a 72 hours minimum for it to process the samples.

4-7 samples:

The inspector takes 4 samples of areas where lead paint and lead paint dust are likely to be. The sample is taken by swab and then documented as which samples came from which area of the home.

Lead paint lab evaluation:

The lab then evaluates the samples and accesses weather or not any lead is present in the paint.

Full certified lab report:

The lab then provides written documentation of the findings, and we send it off to you! You can also consult with your inspector on these findings to better understand them. Give us a call!