Our Family

Our philosophy on running a company is that if you love your job, you will be good at it. Our smiling faces will be there to greet you on the phone and at your potential homes. Our skilled team of experts have extensive experience in homes and has done tens of thousands of inspections. We have full time office staff and a backup call center so that when you call you'll talk to a live person. 


Scott and Dawn Wilder, Founder

The most interesting couple in the world. The inspection process invented by Scott and Dawn wilder has saved the people of west Michigan millions of dollars and helped not only our family but many thousands. It was his passion to help families that gave our company the drive to become what it is today.


Nathan and Katelyn Stockbridge, Company managers.



He is a Sports Officiate by night and a Home inspector by day, a detail ninja with extensive experience in home systems for decades.  


Robert Hammang, Master Mind

It's rumored that Robert has studied with Tibetan monks to learn the ancient art of office work . He answers the phones one second, then the next, he is sending out a radon report. Who is he?

All we know is: He's an office vigilante who comes in everyday to serve inspection report justice. 


Matt Curran, Inspector Extraordinaire

Matt has a background in materials sciences and of course Home Inspections. Thorough, intelligent, handsome.


Angela Vandenbrink, Marketing master

This Marketing Guru and downhome country gal is the best around, she leaves smiles where ever she walks and cookies too. Fun to talk to, and she's a mom now so that's cool.


Dan Engelking, Master Inspector

Dan has been in the building trades for 20+ years.  He has extensive knowledge of buildings from his experience remodeling and inspecting.

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Tarra Scott, Radon Tech.

Radon trembles in her wake, it's rumored she can sense radon like spider(wo)man, where radon is she'll be there.