Let's Talk Money. How Much?

How much does it cost to have a home Inspected? What should be my main concern when shopping for a good inspection?

OK, Lets Crunch the Numbers.

  • Average price of replacing a roof: $4500 - $9000 (Depending on size)
  • Average Price of replacing a Furnace: $1900 - $3000
  • Average Price of replacing a Water Heater: $800+ (Depending on size and efficiency)

Now Let's look at what a home inspection will cost:

  • Average price of a Home Inspection: around $350 (Depending on the size of the home)

If the home inspection catches just ONE of these things.

It will save you Money.


Making any kind of investment is taking a chance. Let us stack the deck for you.

With the Ace Advantage.

Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish
— Old Proverb

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